You don’t need any formal skills but a keen interest in motor vehicle engineering is essential! Your GCSE results will determine which level course you come and study. For entry requirements take a look at each course page.

Depending which level course you study career options can vary between service mechanic/fitter, technical service engineer, design and development engineer and much more.

This will depend on which level course you choose to study. Find out on each course page in the ‘At a glance’ section.

As a Motor Vehicle student you will work in automotive workshops with up to date diagnostic equipment, work on vehicles that are seen every day on the roads and gain practical experience with performance and off-road vehicles. As well as spending time in our workshops and classrooms, students also experienced facts finding visits to vehicle manufacturers and to national events.

Students aged under 19 will not be charged tuition fees. If you are aged over 19 visit the 19+ Further Education Tuition Fees page.

A number of study tours/industrial visits will be arranged throughout the year. Details of these will be discussed during induction.

Students on an engineering course will need a pair of steel toe capped boots, a cotton based boiler suit and safety glasses (available to be purchased from the Engineering department).

Motor Vehicle students are currently charged £15 for a set of compulsory stationary.

You will also be required to purchase stationery and reference textbooks.

All students will undertake work experience, how much will depend on which course you are studying. Please check course pages for details.

The only time Motor Vehicle students are required to attend outside college hours is at our annual Family Festival in May.

If you have any further questions please contact the enquiries team by using our online enquiry form.